4R Advocate Spotlight on Joel Erickson & Andrew Kappes

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 Farming Better
Than Ever Before

 Joel Erickson
farms and raises cattle with his father, Don and brother, Mark. They also raise
cattle on the 1,500-acre operation. 

and Andrew Kappes, sales agronomist with South Dakota Wheat Growers, have been
working together to ensure 4R best management practices have become operating

“The 4Rs, advanced genetics and improved farming practices are
all parts of our plan to continually improve. Combined, they make for a better
running, more sustainable farm,” Erickson says.

Examples of these practices include:

  • No-till and strip-till across the farm
  • South
    Dakota Wheat Growers MZB precision farming system divides fields into zones based on soil texture, organic
    matter, salts, elevation and yield
  • Soil samples taken from each zone
  • Fertilizer
    prescriptions are established for each zone to achieve yield goals, avoid fertilizer waste and ensure plants have
    the right amount of nutrients available
  • Tissue analyses guide foliar applications
  • Cover crops capture nutrients and provide grazing for cattle
  • Incorporates
    lessons learned from the Conservation Cropping Systems Project, which demonstrates and promotes farming
    methods that promote soil and water conservation
  • 4Rs, advanced genetics and improved farming practices continue toimprove the overall crop. Yield increases of 20 bu/ac have been observed.

As Erickson hones these practices, his yields continue to
increase. These yields and the 4R practices will help make it possible for his
son and daughter to return to the farm if they decide to do so.

out these advocates in action in our 4R Field Report Video!