4R Learning Modules Now Available

22nd Oct 2013 4R Events,Implement the 4Rs,Right Place,Right Rate,Right Source,Right Time,

Fertilizer Institute (TFI), United States Department of Agriculture Natural
Resources Conservation Service (USDA/NRCS), International Plant Nutrition
Institute (IPNI), and Iowa State University (ISU) have worked together to bring
expertise and coordinated outreach in an effort to help producers increase
implementation of  the 4Rs. 

The online learning modules based on practices used to implement 4R nutrient stewardship are now available online at http://www.nutrientstewardship.com/4r-training/training-modules. The modules consist of chapters with downloadable content and narrated slides that cover information on nutrient management and practice implementation relative to the 4Rs.

An essential component of these
learning modules is to provide information about the basic components of soil
fertility and nutrient best management practices.

include an explanation of the key components of plant nutrition in relation to
selection of fertilizer best management practices addressing the 4Rs.  The modules address the macro- and
micronutrients as well as soil sampling and integrated economic and
environmental issues relative to nutrient management.

They are
well suited for use by individuals interested in learning more about basic soil
fertility and use of practices relative to source, rate, timing and placement.
They will provide a good introduction to nutrient management for individuals
working with growers as well as those stakeholders working in the area of
environmental quality and related policy.