4R Technology Review Field Days

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Throughout the summer and across the cornbelt a series of 4R Technology Review Field Days are being held highlighting information on a variety of 4R practices and topics. The 4R Technology Review Field Days will feature in-field demonstrations and discussions on suites of 4R practices. Each event will also feature presentations on the results of 4R Research Fund projects and how these projects correlate directly to in-field use.

Grow your nutrient stewardship expertise and stand out as a leader in environmental sustainability by attending a 4R Technology Review event. These field days, sponsored by The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), The Mosaic Company Foundation, Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) and the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Council, offer attendees exclusive access to experts, information and tools to grow farm sustainability through 4R nutrient stewardship practices.

“4R Technology Reviews are great opportunities to hear the latest information on maximizing crop uptake of nutrients, while minimizing nutrient loss to achieve long-term benefits,” said Lara Moody, TFI vice president of stewardship and sustainability.

Each event is customized by state to showcase local research and retailers. Attendees can expect to get the latest research on the benefits of 4R nutrient stewardship practices critical to improving water quality; see precision nutrient application during an in-field demo with the ETS SoilWarrior® zone tillage system; and hear from local retailers about how they are implementing 4R practices with their customers. Plus, certified crop advisers earn CEUs.

Details and registration information for each event can be found below: