CTIC to Host its Annual Conservation In Action Tour in the Mississippi Delta

21st Mar 2012 4R Events,Right Place,Right Rate,Right Source,Right Time,

The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) will host its 2012 Conservation In Action Tour in the Mississippi Delta, May 30-31. CTIC leaders chose the southern setting because of the unique challenges the producers face in the Delta, which is one of the largest contiguous coastal ecosystems in North America boasting both ecological and economic value.

The Delta hosts the United States’ largest fishery, by weight, and its port activity rivals those worldwide. The region also generates a significant portion of the United States’ energy and provides critical wildlife habitat.

Natural resource issues include soil erosion, water quality and habitat loss. Human activity destroyed about a fourth of the region’s beneficial wetlands. A Louisiana State University study reports that wetlands will disappear during this century if losses continue at the present rate.
The tour will highlight agricultural producers who implement innovative conservation practices and solutions to water quality and water quantity issues, herbicide resistance challenges and wildlife habitat needs.

TFI serves on CTIC’s board of directors and will be a sponsor of the tour.

For more information and upcoming registration dates visit the tour website.