Farming 4R Future Collaborators Commit to Sustainable Farming Practices

05th Jul 2013 4R Consistent,4R Partners,4R Practices,Northeast,Northern Great Plains,Western,

As the world population grows, sustainability in agriculture has become more important than ever. 4R Nutrient Stewardship provides farmers with a framework to protect our soil, water and air for society. These innovative management practices enhance the productivity and profitability of our farmers and ensure the future of the agricultural industry.

A group of researchers, funded by the Canadian Fertilizer Institute, have found that by implementing these Best Management Practices, Canadian farmers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Science Cluster Program performs scientific research for projects in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

These efforts can be seen through the numerous Canadian 4R projects, entitled Farming 4R Future – which emphasizes collaboration with agri-retailers, scientific researchers, agronomists and farmers in the agricultural industry across Canada. Helping empower farmers to utilize the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework and supporting the management of nutrients to ensure the protection of the environment and the production of safe food, the Farming 4R Future project has extended throughout Canada with formal agreements in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Details about best management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can be found in the 4R N2O Science Cluster’s recently released report “Sharing Common Ground”. The full report is available at: