Join TFI at a 4R Technology Review Field Day Near You!

12th Jul 2018 4R Events,Blog,

If there is such a thing as a typical year in the agricultural industry it would run on cycles, pre-planting, planting, pre-harvest and harvest. Each cycle requires meticulous planning and many times this can include nutrient management planning. I am a firm believer that any nutrient management decision should include a “4R” decision by default. When someone makes a nutrient management decision while focusing on an overall 4R strategy, I believe they will be more successful all around.

The 4Rs have been a mainstay in the fertilizer industry for several years, and each year recognition of the program, as well as the number of individuals actively implementing a 4R strategy grows significantly. Direct communication with farmers about the 4Rs will continue to increase 4R adoption in the field. And there is no better way to communicate to folks in the field than by being in the field. To this end, The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), along with a group of sponsor organizations, will host a series of 4R Technology Review Field Days across the country. These field days focus on educating influencers about 4R technologies and practices for maximizing crop yields while having a positive impact on water quality.

Each field day is co-hosted by a local partner to give the event the local touch that any site-specific nutrient decision requires. In our view, the need for local influence can not be overstated. In a recent survey of more than 200 farmers from across the country, the overwhelming influencer for making any management decisions were local crop advisors. These local advisors, who include other farmers, retailers, CCAs and others, are the key audiences that the 4R field days are geared toward.

There are many field days held across the country during this time of year and most are similar in many ways. The 4R Technology Review Field Days will have a familiar feel but a unique agenda. Each event will feature local and national speakers from across the industry with messages geared directly toward new, innovative, and practical nutrient management strategies. Equipment and technology demonstrations will also emphasize the importance technology can play in any 4R strategy. Of course, any day would not be complete without time to talk to your neighbors, to share opinions, and most certainly, to ask questions.

Join us at a local field day in your area and be a part of the ever-growing conversation around 4R nutrient management.


Ohio ‐ July 17

  • Kellogg Demonstration Farms near Forest, OH
  • Hosted by the Ohio Agribusiness Association


Minnesota ‐ July 24

  • Farm America Center near Waseca, MN
  • Hosted by the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center


Iowa ‐ July 31

  • Iowa State University Field Extension Education Laboratory near Boone, IA
  • Hosted by the Iowa Soybean Association


Maryland ‐ August 15

  • Wye Research Center in Queenstown, MD
  • Hosted by the Delaware‐Maryland 4R Alliance


Indiana – Late Summer

  • Still currently in the planning process.
  • Hosted by ACI


Illinois ‐ October

  • Still currently in the planning process.
  • Hosted by IFCA