MABA Integrates 4Rs into Green Agri-Business Designation Requirements

21st Dec 2012 4R Consistent,4R Practices,Northern Great Plains,

The Michigan Agri-Business Association awards the Green Agri-Business designation annually to agricultural businesses that combine business excellence with a commitment to protecting Michigan’s natural resources. Recipients are recognized for implementing cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly practices, including installing energy efficiency equipment, water conservation, reducing carbon emissions, investing in renewable bio-based fuels and promoting site-specific agronomy.

Employing the 4R nutrient stewardship system can help maximize crop yields, reduce costs associated with fertilizer application and minimize negative environmental impacts. For these reasons, the Michigan Agri-Business Association is including the 4R system as part of its Green Agri-Business Designation Program for 2013 and 2014. For 2013, the 4R system will be part of MABA’s recommended practices for agronomy retailers participating in the Green Designation Program. For 2014, participants will be required to embrace the principles of the 4R system and implement them in practice.