Metrics for Management of Sustainable Crop Nutrition

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A crucial opportunity for agricultural sustainability relies on improving the management of crop nutrition and its communication through metrics. When the scientific societies for agronomy, crops, soils and entomology meet in Minneapolis this coming November, their overall theme “Synergy in Science: Partnering for Solutions” invites collaboration among industry, government and science. The scientific communities of soil fertility & plant nutrition, nutrient management & soil & plant analysis, and nutrients & environmental quality are co-sponsoring a symposium on Performance Based Metrics for Efficient Nitrogen Management and Policy Making. Featuring the following topics and speakers, the symposium will provide an opportunity to learn about the successes achieved and challenges encountered in efforts to improve sustainable crop nutrition.

your calendars for Tuesday 17 November 8 to 11 AM in Room L100 IJ in the
Minneapolis Convention Center

Organizer: Carrie Laboski, University of

 Presider: Cliff Snyder,
International Plant Nutrition Institute, Conway, AR

A Food Supply Chain View of Crop Nutrition.
Allison Thomson, Field to Market,
Washington, DC

Metrics for Crop Nutrition Sustainability in Australia
& New Zealand.

Rob Norton, International Plant
Nutrition Institute, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

Metrics for Enabling Crop Nutrition Stewardship in North

Lara Moody, The Fertilizer
Institute, Washington, DC

Impact Metrics for Crop Nutrition Sustainability in North

Tom Bruulsema, International Plant
Nutrition Institute, Guelph, ON, Canada

Infusing Science into Nitrogen Management Policy Making.
David Mulla, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Introducing Meaningful Metrics into Minnesota Agriculture.
Bruce Montgomery, Minnesota Department
of Agriculture, St. Paul, MN


further details, including abstracts of each talk, see the symposium link.