Michigan Agri-Business Association’s (MABA) Green Agri-Business Program

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in its 5th year, the Michigan Agri-Business Association’s
(MABA) Green Agri-Business Program
recognizes agri-businesses that are
leading the way on environmental stewardship and conservation.

Green Agri-Business Program was created with the understanding that embracing
modern technology and good stewardship practices is good business, and the
right thing to do. Last year, a record 93 Michigan agribusinesses received the
Green Agri-Business Award for demonstrating leadership in environmental protection.

application process includes an independent evaluation by MABA using more than
100 criteria, including agronomic practices, water quality initiatives,

year, MABA rotates its emphasis for granting the designation to encourage
applicants to examine different aspects of their business to improve
environmental performance, as well as save money. Past emphasis areas have
included energy efficiency, water use, recycling and others that have actually
proved financially beneficial for a business and helpful in terms of the
environment. recycling and conservation measures, energy efficiency, transp

year, the program emphasized water quality by requiring agronomic retailers to
become partners in the 4R program. This included a strong emphasis on
fertilizer and pesticide use, recognizing farmers and agribusinesses that
optimize inputs while maximizing yields.ortation and the
use of advanced agriculture technology.  The program is also designed to
recognize continuous, ongoing improvements and innovation.

Looking ahead, the Green Agri-Business
Program will require agronomic retailers to certify the number and percentage
of customer acres where 4R principles and practices have been
implemented.  This is designed to quantify the effectiveness of the
program in changing fertilizer use practices, as well as boost adoption of the
4R strategy.   

encouraging agronomy retailers to continue their focus on the 4R principles,
MABA is striving to maximize environmental benefits while helping companies
achieve a bottom-line benefit. MABA hopes to further boost participation in 2015 and
continue an emphasis on promoting the 4R principles through the Green
Agri-Business Program.

more information, visit the Michigan Agri-Business Association’s web site at www.miagbiz.org.