Preview 2017 SERA-17 Annual Meeting

14th Jul 2017 4R Events,

This year the Southern Extension and Research Activity (SERA) – 17; will be meeting in Oregon, OH from August 14 – 17. This is an Information Exchange Group (IEG) administered through the Southern Region Land Grant Universities, and is composed of research scientists, policy makers, extension personnel, and educators. Their mission is to develop and promote innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture by supporting: information exchange between research, extension, and regulatory communities, recommendations for phosphorus management and research, and initiatives that address phosphorus loss in agriculture.

The focus of the meeting is how P is behaving in the landscape. Speakers will be covering how 4R practices can mitigate water quality problems, monitoring edge of field water quality during 4R practice implementation, soil health management, and how water moves in tile drained systems. Voluntary approaches like 4R Certification in Ohio, will be discussed from the perspective of how the program is run and why a retailer participates. The meeting also includes discussions of how harmful algal blooms (HAB) impact Lake Erie and all of the users and a boat tour of Lake Erie to see the current status of water quality.

A detailed agenda, travel information, and registration is available at: