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Many efforts are underway to expand 4Rs beyond solely being an industry effort. One of our challenges is creating awareness of the effort by our non-industry stakeholders. We think of this as visibility across the landscape that is agriculture. Our 4R Partners help implement the 4Rs with their products, people and services – consider ways to tie your efforts to the 4Rs to help raise their visibility with our stakeholders and the public. 

A question we are frequently asked is how do I utilize the 4Rs in marketing and outreach. Below are examples using multiple media outlets from some of our 4R Partners.

Simplot Knowledge Plots – Roadside Sign

Wilbur Ellis – Magazine Advertisement

The Andersons – Bumper stickers on Service Vehicles (spotted by another 4R Partner)

The Mosaic Company – Media piece within their Sustainability Report

Link to Mosaic Sustainability Report Video – Click Here


Central Missouri AgriServices – Radio advertisements

Use the link to listen to one of their radio advertisements:


Growmark – Placement in Media – Online and interview

Precision Pays (Online Media)  – “The 4Rs are All Right” by Cindy with Dr. Howard Brown

Everything is right about the 4Rs of nutrient management – the right source, the right rate, the right time, and the right place for applying nutrients in the field.

howard“It actually drives a farmer to look more at a systems approach to nutrient management rather than just making an application and moving to the next step,” said Dr. Howard Brown, Manager of Agronomy Services for GROWMARK, Inc.

Brown says GROWMARK has been focused on nitrogen management as one of the driving factors for higher yields for the last several years.  “We looked at nitrogen from the standpoint of feeding the plant nitrogen throughout the period of time that it needs it and putting some on as late as we can so the plant can utilize the nitrogen and keep plant health later in the season to equate to higher yields,” and it worked for three of the last four years – with last year being the exception because of the drought.

With planting season upon us, now is the time to look at a comprehensive nutrient management plan that encompasses the 4Rs and what Brown calls the “MOM” approach – Maximizing yield, Optimizing nitrogen utilization and Minimizing environmental impact.  Brown also talks in this interview about “N-Watch” which involves taking inventory of plant-available nitrogen in the soil. “N-Watch provides us a new dimension,” Brown said. “We’ve got to manage the nitrogen in the soil.” Checking the soil for residual nitrogen Brown says will help provide farmers with a better idea of how much nitrogen they need.

For Interview, Click Here


4R Partners – Apply Today and Gain the Benefits

4R Partners have access to a variety of outreach materials. Becoming a 4R Partner will better enable you to act as an influencer and educator among your employees, your grower customers and members of your community by providing you with the tools and resources you need to spread the word regarding the social, economic and environmental benefits associated with adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship.

As a 4R partner, you will gain visibility for your organization and any products or services you offer that are applicable within the 4R nutrient stewardship framework. This includes branded agronomy programs that assist farmers in enhancing nutrient use efficiency. Each 4R partner will have the option to have its logo, a description of its business and, if applicable, information regarding its service locations and 4R-related product and services offerings on TFI’s website.

The 4R partner website will give you access to cobranded 4R communication and marketing tools that you can use to provide outreach and raise awareness of your involvement in the 4R initiative. Tools include logos and style guide, brochures, print and radio ads, press release templates, tradeshow banners, and presentation materials.