Save the Date for Conference on Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop and Livestock Production Systems

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The International Plant Nutrition Institute and the Soil Science Society of America accounce the August 13-15, 2013 Conference in Kansas City, MO:Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop and Livestock Production Systems: Existing Technical, Economic, and Social Impediments and Future Opportunities

Despite increased crop production and progress toward improved environmental protection, nitrogen (N) losses to the atmosphere as nitrous oxide (N2O) nitrogen oxide (NO), and ammonia (NH3), and N losses to surface water and groundwater as nitrate (NO3) and dissolved organic N (DON) continue at levels that many scientists believe may pose serious environmental and human health concerns.  The N use efficiency conference will bring together agronomists, biogeochemists, farmers, economists, sociologists, extension agents, educators, and policy experts from both public and private sectors to identify the major impediments to improved nutrient management and to make recommendations for overcoming those impediments.

The objectives of the conference are:

  1. Review the current suite of tools and knowledge used to optimize nitrogen management for crop and livestock production and promising new technologies under development.
  2. Review case studies of successes and failures of policies and projects designed to encourage improved nutrient management.
  3. Identify the major socio-economic and educational impediments to more widespread adoption of improved nutrient management practices.
  4. Recommend existing opportunities for actions and policies to improve nutrient management using current knowledge and technology
  5. Identify and prioritize goals for additional agronomic or socio-economic research needed to overcome impediments to better nutrient management practices.

Members of the fertilizer N industry are encouraged to attend and participate. In the absence of good industry participation, recommendations could emerge for policies that may not adequately represent farmer’s economic interests and the industry’s viability.

More information on the program agenda, conference sponsors, registration, and housing may be found at: