Save the Date for CTIC’s Conservation in Action Tour

04th May 2017 4R Events,4R Partners,4R Practices,

Back Home Again in Indiana

Join us for our 10th annual Conservation in Action Tour, right back where it all started. We’ll see how far conservation farming has progressed in the past decade—new systems, new partnerships and new understanding of the benefits of healthy soils and healthy farms—and how CTIC has been there all along the way.

We’ll dig into new premium market opportunities that extend the benefits of conservation from the farm all the way through the supply chain. We’ll explore how watershed projects engage ag retailers and agribusiness, and how Indiana’s agencies and farm organizations work in partnership, building bridges to the future.
All that at conservation farming’s #1 opportunity for demonstrations, insight and networking!

Contact us to lock in your sponsorship opportunity and/or reserve a seat on the tour: or (765) 494-9555