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Today’s world is data rich.  Big data is all around us – from agriculture and natural resources to clinical medicine to consumer profiling to government. In spite of that, we could be heading for a future that is defined by partial truths and misperceptions, or a future that is evidence based and science driven. How well we transparently connect scientific data to the Big Data world will greatly influence which future is realized AND the 4R Research Fund was established to help create that transparent connection between 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices and data showing impact on sustainability indicators and measures. Even though it is far too early to expect field ready deliverables from the sophisticated projects initiated in 2014, the industry is already reaping benefits from the investment. A network of more than 40 leading scientists across North America are fully engaged in 4R Nutrient Stewardship and see the commitment the industry has made to “science for stewardship.” In this age where science finds itself under attack from many quarters, the industry is demonstrating how full transparency and up­front commitment can bring skeptical stake holders with diverse priorities to a common table in search of practical solutions to shared problems. The world is taking note as the 4R concept grows in formal acceptance, in certification programs, in the scientific literature, and in the general lexicon of agronomy and sustainability.

Dr. Paul Fixen

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