“Science for Stewardship” Research Session Held at TFI Annual Meeting

11th Mar 2016 4R Events,Implement the 4Rs,

Three researchers with projects supported by the 4R Research Fund were in attendance at The Fertilizer Institute’s (TFI) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida to provide insight into the issues they are focused on, the relation of those issues to 4R efforts and initial findings within their work. Working in coordination with Fertilizer Canada (FC) and the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), TFI hosted the one-hour session “Science for Stewardship.” The event provided an opportunity for the industry to gain insight into current efforts within the 4R Research Fund.

Moderated by IPNI’s President Terry Roberts, speakers included Dr. Mario Tenuta, University of Manitoba, addressing the Canadian 4R Research Network, Dr. Laura Johnson, Heidelberg University, relaying efforts in the Western Lake Erie Basin, and Dr. Tony Vyn, Purdue University, discussing changing fertilizer practices for high yielding corn hybrids. The session was attended by over 60 conference participants.

The session handout contains insight from now complete 4R meta-analyses, a status update on the research fund, materials from the session presenters and items pertaining to other 4R Research Fund projects. The research session handout can be downloaded here.