TFI Seeking Canidates for Manager of Stewardship and Sustainability Programs

14th Feb 2014 4R Consistent,4R Events,Implement the 4Rs,

Position Description

Position Overview

The Manager of
Stewardship and Sustainability Programs is responsible for managing and
assisting with development of The Fertilizer Institute’s (TFI) stakeholder implementation
and outreach programs to increase the use and adoption of fertilizer best
management practices. This position also assists with efforts to defend the use
of fertilizer by agriculture via sustainability initiatives related to fertilizer
production and its use in the field. 
Specifically, this individual will manage the development and delivery
of outreach and education tools to promote 4R Nutrient Stewardship through
engagement with industry members and stakeholders as well as other organizations
and government agencies.  Regarding
sustainability programming, this individual will assist with the development and
delivery of an industry initiative related to fertilizer production and field

The Manager of
Stewardship and Sustainability Programs reports to the Director of Stewardship
and Sustainability Programs.

Performance Objectives

  • Develop
    relationships with government agencies, policy makers, NGO’s and the fertilizer
    industry to develop and promote initiatives that generate support for the
    responsible use of fertilizers; including but not limited to joint
    industry/NGO/regulatory initiatives; grants, cooperative agreements; or other
    vehicles to advance stewardship and sustainability goals.
  • Develop
    relationships with organizations involved in agricultural sustainability to
    create alignment with fertilizer industry initiatives and interact with
    industry members to develop and establish indicators, metrics and baselines for
    sustainable fertilizer use.
  • Assist
    with coordinating and developing state and regional efforts related to
    nutrients in the environment.
  • Work in
    close coordination with TFI staff as well as other industry organizations to
    maintain and develop tools and outreach materials used to empower stakeholders
    in stewardship and sustainability implementation. Duties will include
    coordination of exhibitions, development of website materials, and development
    and implementation of strategies for expanding the 4R Partner and 4R Advocate
  • Serve as
    a spokesperson for TFI’s stewardship and sustainability efforts and assist with
    outreach and support to the state and federal regulatory community, member
    companies, 4R Partners and stakeholders in support of voluntary stewardship
    practices to decrease nutrient losses to the environment.
  • Review sustainability
    and conservation reports and related nutrient management materials and prepare
    comments or summaries for members’ use and input.
  • Correspond
    with TFI member companies to obtain feedback and provide details on efforts
    related to stewardship and sustainability.

Position Requirements

The Manager of Stewardship and Sustainability Programs will have at
least two years of experience with an agricultural or conservation
organization. The applicant should have a B.S. or M.S. degree in area of study
related to agriculture, as well as background in crop production and
environmental systems. Knowledge of and experience with extension or outreach
program development and knowledge of agricultural conservation and fertilizer
best management practices is also necessary. A strong interest in issues
related to nutrients in the environment and sustainable systems is required.

The candidate must have excellent communication, presentation and organizational
skills along with the ability to manage multiple efforts and coordinate with
members and stakeholders. The position requires travel.


The salary is commensurate with experience
and the position is located in Washington, D.C., with an immediate start date. Information
about The Fertilizer Institute and 4R Nutrient Stewardship is available

Please submit resume to [email protected].