What Can Past Phosphorus Research Tell Us?

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The 4R Research Fund  was created to help establish sustainability indicators and environmental impact data for implementation of 4R Nutrient Stewardship across North America. Two of the projects that have been completed through the fund examined past Phospohorus research to answer larger questions about Phosphorus losses.  

Across these projects, it was found that:

  • Potential for P loss decreases when P is applied based on soil test results and crop needs.
  • Incorporation of P fertilizers decrease potential for loss.
  • Implementing at least 1 conservation practice decreases P loss in surface runoff or subsurface drainage.

In the project titled “Assessing the Effects of Conservation Practices and Fertilizer Application Methods on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loss from Farm Fields – A Meta-AnalysisDr. Song Qian, Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo, compiled research on the placement of P fertilizer and the effectiveness of the implementation of conservation practices on reducing P loss.

Download the Science for Stewardship Summary on this project


Dr. Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Associate Professor at Kansas State University, conducted the project “Meta-Analysis of Phosphorus Fertilizer Placement and Tillage Interaction for Corn and Soybean in the U.S.” to look at the question of how do tillage and placement of P fertilizer effect P losses. 

Download the Science for Stewardship Summary on this project