You’re invited! Conservation in Action Tour, Aug. 11-12 in Minnesota

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Join us in southeastern Minnesota in August for the eighth annual Conservation in Action Tour, an
up-close look at some of the most innovative practices and partnerships in
conservation farming today.

in southeastern Minnesota are on the front lines of raging debates on voluntary
conservation practices and nutrient management. On the tour, you’ll see how
they are using technology, nutrient management planning and creative
partnerships to tackle issues that farmers are facing—or will soon be challenged
with—across the country.

the experience of networks dedicated to addressing thorny issues and finding
productive solutions to conservation challenges. Connect with the innovators
who are changing the conservation landscape in the northern Midwest, and bring
home ideas and inspiration.

an action-packed day of travel around the region, you’ll explore: 

  • A wide range of farms, from
    corn/soybean operations to dairies and vegetable farms, each with its own
    approach to conservation farming
  • Partnerships that tackle challenges
    ranging from water quality protection to helping family farmers get a
    toehold in the Twin Cities market
  • New vertical tillage equipment
  • Innovative research and an
    on-farm rainfall simulator
  • How farmers use rotational
    grazing to build strong businesses and protect their natural
  • How investments in equipment
    and comprehensive planning pays off for a local dairy farm
  • Nutrient management plans that
    can impact water quality from Minnesota farmland all the way down to the
    Gulf of Mexico
  • And much more!

the opening social on August 11 and throughout the August 12 tour, you’ll be
joined by farmers, agricultural retailers, government agency personnel,
legislators, researchers, conservation group partners, members of the media,
and more.

 There is no better time or place to share perspectives with such a
wide range of people engaged in conservation agriculture issues—which is why
many previous Conservation in Action tours have sold out.

Just a click and you’ll be in our online registration page.

look forward to seeing you in southeastern Minnesota August 11 and 12!