4R Advocates

Bruce Favinger

Grower: Bruce Favinger
Retailer: Ty Fickensher (Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI) State: Nebraska

Paul Loyer

Grower: Paul Loyer (Loyer Farms)
Retailer: Brandon McClure (Morral Companies)

Temple Rhodes

Grower: Temple Rhodes (Chestnut Manor Farm)
Retailer: Allan Spray (Willard Agri-Service)

Barry and Dan Turner

Grower: Barry and Dan Turner (Turner Brothers Farm)
Retailer: Ed Lane (Crop Production Services (CPS)

Todd Welch

Grower: Todd Welch
Retailer: Nick Sommers (Crop Production Services (CPS))
State: Indiana

Rick and Jess Brunner

Grower: Rick and Jess Brunner (Fifth Generation Farms)
Retailer: Josh Bafus (Crop Production Services (CPS))

Alan Jones

Grower: Alan Jones (Jones Potato Inc.)
Retailer: Dennis Coleman (Crop Production Services (CPS))

Alan Madison

Grower: Alan Madison (Madison Farms)
Retailer: Mark Orr (Ag View FS)

John Scates

Grower: John Scates (Pat Scates and Sons Farm)
Retailer: Mike Wilson (Wabash Valley FS)

Justin Stoneman

Grower: Justin Stoneman (Stoneman Farms)
Retailer: Steve Wendzel (Wilbur-Ellis)

George Brand

Grower: George Brand (Brand Dairy Farm)
Retailer: Ty Fichennscher (Cooperative Producers)

Dennis and Gregg Iott

Grower: Dennis and Gregg Iott (Iott Seed Farms)
Retailer: Dale Dosenberry (Wilbur Ellis)

Chris von Holton

Grower: Chris von Holton
Retailer: Malcom Stambaugh (AgViewFS)

John and Dean Werries

Grower: John and Dean Werries (Werries Farm LLC)
Retailer: Verne “Tinker” Bader (Bader Agricultural Service, Inc.)

Clint Wortman

Grower: Clint Wortman (Jackson Wortman, LLC)
Retailer: A.J. Radford (CPS)

Sean Jones

Grower: Sean Jones
Retailer: Michael Twining (Willard Agri-Service)

Bill and Chris Heintz

Growers: Bill and Chris Heintz
Retailer: Kevin Doseck (Crop Production Services)

James Schoff

Grower: James Schoff
Retailer: Malcom Stambaugh (AgView FS)

Matthew Clements

Grower: Matthew Clements
Retailer: Terry Tindall (Simplot Grower Solutions)

Joel Erickson

Grower: Joel Erickson
Retailer: Andrew Kappes (South Dakota Wheat Growers)

Thomas Connors

Grower: Thomas Connors
Retailer: Regan Wear (CHS Shipman)

Calvin Haile

Grower: Calvin Haile
Retailer: Lucas Householder (Southern States Cooperative)

Ric Rodriguez

Grower: Ric Rodriguez
Retailer: Joe Bridges (JR Simplot Company)

Darin Stolte

Grower: Darin Stolte
Retailer: Jimmie Daugherty (River Valley Coop)

Kyle Brase

Grower: Kyle Brase, Edwardsville, IL (right) Crop
Advisor: Joe Huebener, CHS Shipman, Shipman, IL (left)

Lynn Fahrmeier

Grower: Lynn Fahrmeier, Wellington, MO (right) Crop
Advisor: Scott Bergsieker, MFA Inc., Lexington, MO (left)

Dave Legvold

Grower: Dave Legvold, Northfield, MN (right) Crop
Advisor: Ken Thomas, Farmers Mill and Elevator, Castle Rock, MN (left)

Gary Reeder

Grower: Gary Reeder, West Coast Tomato, Palmetto, FL (right) Crop
Advisor: Dennis Coleman, Crop Production Services, Parrish, FL (left)

Grant Strom

Grower: Grant Strom, Brimfield, IL (right) Crop
Advisor: Adam Dexter, West Central FS, Williamsfield, IL (left)

Glenn and Mark Beck

Growers: Glenn and Mark Beck, Beck Brothers Citrus, Inc., Windermere, FL
Crop Advisor: Rob Watson, Griffin Fertilizer Company, Frostproof, FL

Chuck and Darin Dunlop

Growers: Chuck and Darin Dunlop, Dunlop Farms, Inc., Parker, KS
Crop Advisor: Jason Sutterby, Ag Choice/MFA Inc., Moran, KS

Maria Cox

Grower: Maria Cox, Cox Land and Cattle, Inc., White Hall, IL
Crop Advisor: Kyle Lake, CHS Carrollton, Carrollton, IL


Growers: Jeff, C.J. and Greg Durand, St. Martin, LA
Crop Advisor: Earl Garber Sanders, Pinnacle Agriculture, St. Martin, LA

Doug Weathers

Grower: Doug Weathers, Sodbuster Farms, Salem, OR
Crop Advisor: John Peters, Wilbur-Ellis Company, Salem, OR

Myron Johnson

Zack Brown

Brenda Wolgamott

Jeanette Veazey-Post

Stephen Paget

John Hundley and Erick Hopkins

Brian Ryberg

Jeff O'Bannon

Mike Kurek

Jeremy Brown

Danny Basham

Michael Ganschow

Dustin Grooms

Brian Herbek

Jonathan Quinn

Who Are 4R Advocates?

Raising awareness and adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship is a top priority for the fertilizer industry. The industry is working to educate fertilizer manufacturers and retailers,growers, and agricultural stakeholdersabout the 4Rs at agricultural trade shows, throughcompany visits and other 4R speaking engagements. 
While the 4R messages from the fertilizer industry are being well received, we recognize that engaging agricultural producers and sharing 4R success stories from the field level will play a critical role in adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship practices.

11 years, 110 advocates, 25 states

Since 2012, the 4R Advocate Program has recognized 80 ag producers and retailers who manage 270,000 acres in 25 states. These forward-thinking individuals serve as examples by championing sound nutrient stewardship.


Hear more about the 4Rs from Growers and Retailers

In 2012, The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) launched a 4R Advocate program to recognize agricultural retailers and agricultural producers that are leading the way when it comes to implementing 4R nutrient stewardship on the farm. Below are videos from award winning growers and their nominating retailers as they explain the 4Rs in their own words. We have also met with some of our 4R Advocates at their own operations to capture video showing how they implement the 4Rs on the Farm.


Watch one of our numerous advocate videos below. Click the upper left-hand icon to view full list.