AET Consulting, Inc.

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AET is an agronomic consulting company operating primarily in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  We assist farmers with fertility and pesticide applications; we do not sell products rather we work with farmers to apply the material they need to reach a maximum profitable yield for their farm. This service includes in-season scouting for pesticide application and in-season soil and tissue sampling for nutrient application recommendations. In addition to the standard agronomic services, AET is a full service natural resource consulting firm.

To obtain maximum profitable yields the first things you can do is to maintain or improve the soil quality that is located on your farm.  AET develops Soil Conservation Plans to assist farmers with this goal.  In addition to a conservation plan, AET assists farmers with managing manure nutrients that might be produced on the farm.  This starts with the management, collection, and storage of these nutrients to that they are available for crop production flowing through to the proper land application of these nutrients so that they are applied in a manor that reduces the quantity that are potentially lost to the environment and are no longer available for crop production.

Our motto has been, ‘Farmers are good stewards of the soil; who, when given the economic ability and expert guidance, will sensibly respond to any environmental issue concerning their farming operation.’ The principles of 4R nutrient stewardship is the reason our company is in existence.  The ideas promoted with the 4R’s is the main objective of the services that our company has been offering for the last 13 years.

AET offers recommendations on the each of the 4R’s with our standard agronomic services. We know that when these ideas are adopted by our clients they see a value in them.

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