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Agri Drain Corp. manufactures and distributes manual and automatic water control devices that monitor, measure, manage, and record flow rates and water levels on surface and subsurface drainage systems, ponds, wetlands, buffers, and bioreactors. Agri Drain also provides specialized water quality surface inlets designed to resist plugging due to trash buildup and reduce soil particle transport.

Managed Drainage Systems

  1. Reduce excessive water and nutrient transport through the drainage system during the fallow season and conserve and make more water and nutrients available to the crop during the growing season to increase yield.
  2. Facilitate water table recharge and encourage de-nitrification.
  3. Reduce flooding.
  4. Improve existing and create new habitat for wildlife and recreational use.
  5. Improve the performance of companion practices like saturated riparian buffers and bioreactors.
  6. Provide ecosystem services to generate offsets required by public utilities to meet TMDLs in a cost efficient,
 market based system and provide income to producers.
  7. Create cool, moist soil conditions to reduce greenhouse gases and decrease soil carbon loss due to oxidation.

Specialized Water Quality Inlets

Deliver cleaner water at predictable flow rates to and from surface and subsurface drainage systems, bioreactors, saturated buffers, tile outlet terraces, diversions, dry dams, ponds, and wetlands. This extends the service life and improves the performance of in-field and edge of field agronomic and environmental infrastructure.

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