Agri-Inject, Inc.

This partner can help with the Right Place, Right Rate, Right Time,

From our Product Guide: Born in the fields of Yuma, CO in 1983, Agri-Inject has never strayed from its roots.  The company was created by a farmer – and we’re still here in the heart of agriculture, developing technology and products that help growers of all types get more out of every dollar they invest in every acre.  We’re committed to helping growers around the world become more efficient and more profitable through fluid injection technology.  Discover how Agri-inject can transform your irrigation system into a finely-tuned, cost-efficient delivery system for fertilizer and crop protection products.

Providing products that give our customers the ability to apply the correct amount of fertilizer at his own timing, which saves money and optimizes yield, is at the crux of our brand promise.

Right Rate – Our pumps are plus/minus 1 and 2% depending on model.  We provide calibration tubes to allow very precise calibration to insure correct rate

Right Time – With a center pivot, the user can most often (unless they have just gotten heavy rain, etc) apply at his own timing and if he is a believer in ‘spoon-feeding’ (which we hope they all are), he will apply at the perfect timing for the plant as well.

Right Place – For irrigators, where the water goes is very important.  And since plants ‘drink’ fertilizer rather than ‘eat’ it, applying fertilizer in the irrigation water gets the product right to the root zone in a form that the plant needs to take it up.

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