Agrian Inc

Agrian provides a comprehensive and widely adopted suite of web-based Software-as-a-Service, mobile phone and tablet-based applications to all levels of the Agrifood supply chain to manage liability risk management and recordkeeping. The Agrian platform provides the Agricultural industry with an easy-to-use and easy-to-access data capture, storing, and sharing service. Agrian currently provides agronomy and reporting services on over 22 million acres of production agriculture throughout the United States.

For the last decade, Agrian has been providing liability management and risk management for majority of the large national ag-chem and nutrient distributors. Agrian incorporates the 4Rs into our product recommendation writing system for these customers.

With the largest manufacturer-indemnified label database in the United States, the Agrian system boasts over 8,400 indexed products. Each an every product receiving careful review from the manufacturer and receives ongoing regular updates. The Agrian system allows growers and their advisors to select the appropriate materials from the database all in relation to local site factors. The system enables users to select the right source, rate, time and place.


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