Agrible Inc.

Agrible is an agriculture technology company that builds the tools farmers need to give consumers the food they want. Our farm-focused software helps growers plan and execute every step of producing their crop. It helps growers make decisions on inputs and measures their sustainability efforts to meet the increasing consumer demand for responsibly grown foods. Our software, Morning Farm Report, helps growers decide everything from when to work the soil, to how much nitrogen their field needs. Ultimately it helps growers save time and money.

The 4R nutrient stewardship principles align with Agrible’s goals of helping growers maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact. Managing fertilizers plays a key role in reaching that goal. Our definition of “sustainability” goes beyond a one-season approach. We are working to ensure that farmers have highly productive land to pass on to the next generation of growers. That means protecting the soil and managing nutrients has to be a high priority now, but it also needs to be achieved in a way that makes growers successful. That’s where our technology comes in- it helps growers reduce their environmental impact while the insights they gain from our crop modeling systems gives them a higher potential for profitability.

Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software is a suite of grower tools that help in all stages of producing a crop. Our Advanced Nutrient Engine tool specifically speaks to the 4R principles of managing nutrients. It helps growers decide the right rate, time, placement, and product to apply to their fields. That means they can maximize yields, without over applying. Without tools like this, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the correct amount of nutrients needed. Our tools take into account in-season weather variability, field characteristics, and crop needs; and forecast, on a daily basis, how much nitrogen is available and needed.

The world of farming is incredibly challenging and competitive, but the need for food continues to grow at a rapid rate. Agrible’s Morning Farm Report is created by world-class scientists and Midwest growers. Our tools are both predictive and practical, incredibly intricate but easy to use, at the forefront of sustainability yet profit-focused. Agrible hits the sweet spot of helping farmers grow their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact.

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