Agronomic Technology Corp

This partner can help with the Right Place, Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time,

Agronomic Technology Corp is a sustainable agriculture company with a mission to improve growers’ financial and environmental performance through independent data, science and cloud technology. 

We create a way for growers, agronomists, and agricultural partners to access unbiased solutions through our platform and products. Our Adapt-N solution is a precision nitrogen management solution for corn growers. It dynamically integrates hyper-local weather, soil, and crop models to provide an always-on, accurate and site-specific nitrogen recommendation.

The Adapt-N solution brings the 4R’s to life, by providing trackable information and recommendations that support each of the 4Rs — and other positive grower behavior.  We are able to break the trade-off between growers’ financial and environmental success, leading to high adoption levels and scalable impact.

Our Agronomic Technology Corp platform will begin to include other data-driven solutions that support the 4Rs, and extend into other crops and locations.

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