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AgWorks has been providing agronomy software for ag retailers and suppliers since 1992. Our redesigned software system, AgOS® is a comprehensive agronomy solution that has been unified into
one “Operational System”. Operations (Order Management, Blending, Live Inventory, Notifications), Crop Planning, Scouting, Mapping, Compliance, Grower Access, and Precision are all connected, providing continuity, accuracy, and driving efficiency. Additionally, our Off-line Sync allows for continued use of
the software, whether connectivity is available or not.

Our goal at AgWorks is to identify and eradicate inefficiency in agronomy management. We feel this is necessary considering the many challenges facing agriculture today, including the future food demand escalation the world is facing. We recognize that without proper stewardship, sustainable agriculture cannot be attained. A truly sustainable model in agriculture is vital in order to meet the ever-increasing food demand placed squarely on agriculture’s broad shoulders. To that end, we have created the basis for a better, faster, way to manage inputs and services so that retailers and growers alike can benefit from increased efficiencies in their operations, thereby contributing to proper stewardship and sustainability for future generations.

The importance of creating 4R supportive software is at the very core of our products. AgOS® Operations unifies crop plans, work orders, related logistics, product sales, inventory adjustments, and location transfers with real-time inventory forecasting and compliance documentation. AgOS® Precision enhances the process of ‘sampling to prescription’ by providing order fulfillment within a single tool. Crop Planning with analytics and decision support, Scouting, Mapping, Compliance, and Grower Access are all unified. The result is greater efficiency and clarity for ag retailers, suppliers, and growers which is necessary in order to embrace stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices.

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