Agworld is passionate about agriculture and the role that new technology can play in helping growers improve their profitability. Agworld works on the philosophy that data should be structured and accessible by everyone that is important to a grower. By having all data in one central location on the Agworld platform, growers, agronomists, retailers and financial advisors can easily collaborate on all critical information involved in the process of growing a crop.

Agworld is the true collaborative platform for agriculture that sets the industry standard on how data can empower decisions. Agworld apps can be used offline and assist growers and agronomists with a range of functions such as planning, budgeting, recommendations, record keeping, compliance issues, farm maps and communicating with their stakeholders.

Through Agworld’s structured data approach, users are able to extract any report necessary for their 4R compliance from Agworld. No more complicated spreadsheets, hours of extra work or risk of errors – Agworld helps its users remain compliant with 4R standards at all time.

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