Auburn Bean & Grain Co.

Auburn Bean and Grain Co. is an independently owned and operated business since 1970. Consisting of facilities in Auburn, Hemlock, Oakley and Standish, MI – Auburn Bean and Grain Co. services farmers throughout the entire Saginaw Valley region of Michigan. It provides inputs such as seed, crop protection and nutrient, as well as, up-to-date grain handling facilities.

4R nutrient stewardship is a responsible outline on how the fertilizer business needs to be. Auburn Bean & Grain consumers live and work in the Saginaw Bay watershed system and 4R applies to all customers when developing their farm management plans.

Auburn Bean & Grain has an advanced GIS platform, which offers variable rate mapping, recommendations and application by trained personnel to consult customers on their production acres to put nutrients where they are needed.

With fertilizer being more than 50% of our agronomy business, Auburn Bean & Grain offers only the highest quality nutrient products and custom blends prescribed by Certified Crop Advisers based on sound soil science practices. Rather than over-applying nutrients to maximize production, plant-tissue testing is being used to prescribe in-season nutrients that are in high demand.

Auburn Bean & Grain have a comprehensive list of controlled-release-nitrogen and N-stabilizing products that keep applied nitrogen available to the plant prior to or during the growing season. Furthermore, split applications of nitrogen is encouraged during spring months to maximize crop utilization and minimize nitrogen loss. Other products that follow 4R nutrient stewardship are low-use-rate banded phosphorus row starter and foliar-applied nutrients.

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Address:  315 N Auburn Road P.O. Box 67 Auburn MI 48611

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