Caledonia Farmers Elevator (CFE)

This partner can help with the Right Place, Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time

The Agronomy departments of CFE specialize in bringing value to a farm. Fertility programs based on proven science and precision nutrient placement followed by planned pest control programs assure the opportunity for outstanding economic yields. The facility offers a full line of Pioneer HiBred and DeKalb products as well as Michigan certified seeds. CFE locations possess the ability custom blend dry and liquid fertilizers.

Utilizing maximum fertilizer efficiency is of utmost importance when it comes to increasing plant nutrient uptake, maximizing yields and lowering fertilizer input costs.  Through split applications and selection of optimal application timing coupled with the ability to variable rate fertilizer with its appropriate rate to the soils nutritional ability CFE is able to utilize the 4R program successfully and consistently.    

CFE provides starter fertilizer for in-furrow applications to enhance the seeds ability to uptake nutrients in the first critical days of its growing season and accurate fertilizer ratio’s for 2×2 applications to begin healthy plant and root development.  Soil samples are implemented to increase accuracy of applications and to better understand the soils ability to retain nutrients.  CFE utilizes GPS systems to accurately place fertilizer at varying rates across soil types and varying yield potentials and promotes use of urease and volatilization inhibitors to lessen unnecessary N losses due to inevitable environmental variations throughout the growing season.

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