Cooperative Elevator Co.

The Cooperative Elevator Co. has been serving The Thumb of Michigan since 1915, with their headquarters based in Pigeon, MI. Cooperative Elevator Co. is owned by 1,110 farmer producers. The Cooperative Elevator Co. provides quality services such as seed, fertilizer, crop protection, petroleum and marketing.

4R nutrient stewardship is at the base of what Cooperative Elevator Co. does. By implementing the 4R’s the Cooperative Elevator Co. gives their growers the best in technology and service, along with maximizing their yields and minimizing their output costs. By not over applying fertilizer the Cooperative Elevator Co. provides great sustainable practices to keep lakes and waterways clean for generations to come.

Cooperative Elevator Co. provides GPS technology and uses variable rate spreading on the fields with their custom applications. Cooperative Elevator Co. tests soil and tissue samples throughout the season, using products such as ESN and MESZ, prescribing field recommendations on a field by field basis for each grower using a leading edge computer program by CDMS.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 989-553-0628
Address:  7211 E. Michigan Ave. Pigeon MI 48755

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