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CoreBiologic, an Indiana Company, provides farmers, growers and distributors with a selection of 100% natural microbial products formulated over the past 30 years to improve soil conditions so that plants can meet their maximum growth and yield potential utilizing available and supplied nutrients to their fullest. These environmentally friendly and proprietary products populate the rhizosphere with known beneficial and capable microorganisms, while reducing potential adverse populations at the same time. The capabilities of these microbes work to fulfill the complex nutritional needs of the plant while boosting plant growth hormones and increasing drought tolerance.

CoreBiologic also formulates Organic Registered microbial soil amendments and microbial products with micronutrients and penetrants for a more robust and quicker colonization of the rhizosphere. We use our decades of microbial and plant research to create products that maximize yield with fewer inputs. These products are offered as adjuvants to existing programs or as a fully integrated four-step system for a higher level of microbial interaction – each of which provides farmers around the world with the sustainable solutions that best fit their growing conditions. 

Our company mission supports the 4Rs by providing the microbial diversity and populations necessary to improve and maintain the plant rhizosphere with the right source of enzymes for nutrient uptake by the plant at the time the plant desires these nutrients and at a rate that the plant needs them.

CoreBiologic agricultural products support the science-based and innovative approach of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. These products enhance environmental protection by improving fertilizer uptake and reducing fertilizer runoff. The end result is increased crop production, crop quality, increased grower profitability, and improved soil productivity and sustainability. Our products are natural and improve growers’ yields with fewer overall inputs. Additionally our stubble reduction products put more nutrients into the soil from decaying residue for enhance sustainability while reducing tire wear for better economic and environmental support.

CropPro™ is our OMRI™ approved product that stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients. These natural microbes are selected for their capabilities to provide superior plant health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bio-stimulation.

CropPro+™ is our CropPro™ formula with nutritional foliar additives to give crops the extra boost they need under cool wet, and hot dry conditions. CropPro+ is a complex solution of beneficial microbes and micronutrients designed to increase the yield of crops.

CropPro ST™ surrounds your seed and plant roots with microbes, food sources, and nutrition that are capable of growing with the plant and sustaining positive growth from the moment of germination.

CropPro Jump A premix of natural soil microbes and microbial enzymes selected for their capability to improve soil tilth and plant health for increased crop yields.

StubDown is a mixture of beneficial microbes designed to enhance the degradation of crop stubble and reduce tire wear.

StubDown+™ is a mixture of beneficial microbes and a bio-stimulant designed to augment the natural biological breakdown of crop residue in order to facilitate the retention of beneficial micro-nutrients in your agricultural system.

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