Delaware Maryland Agribusiness Association

The Delaware Maryland Agribusiness Association represents the agricultural crop protection and fertilizer industry. Members include retailers, distributors, basic manufacturers, fertilizer suppliers and seed companies. We support sound science-based policies and encourage environmental stewardship with a goal of sustainable agriculture.

DMAA champions the efficient application of fertilizer nutrients that optimizes productivity to achieve economic benefits for farmers and minimize the impacts to the environment.  DMAA advocates the 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship concept as the solution for beneficial economic and environmental outcomes.

DMAA engages in state nutrient management policy development; participates in NRCS State Technical Committees; and advises USEPA Region 3 & the Chesapeake Bay Program. DMAA utilizes TFI / IPNI 4Rs documents to outreach to and educate these federal and state policy leaders.

For many policy leaders that are not knowledgeable about crop management systems, the simple answers seems to be just reduce or restrict fertilizer application rates – 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship provides a clear explanation of a more sustainable management approach.

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