Eco-Drip Irrigation

Based out of West Texas, Eco-Drip Irrigation is a full-service subsurface drip irrigation company, specializing in design, installation and support of SDI solutions for irrigation and fertigation. With eight locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, Eco-Drip provides knowledge, experience, commitment, durability and service to its growers. Since its beginning in 1984, Eco-Drip has installed over 200,000 acres of subsurface drip irrigation. Through the agronomy department, Eco-Drip helps growers reach their sustainability goals by listening to the plant. Through analysis of petiole samples, Eco-Drip creates custom blends to provide the exact nutrients the plant needs in a 100 percent water soluble form. Designed for injection through subsurface drip irrigation, these fertilizers deliver plant-available nutrients directly to the root zone. The composition and quality of these fertilizers also make it a great option for fertigation through center pivot systems as well. Leading the drip irrigation industry, Eco-Drip is increasing yields today to provide for tomorrow.

With the goal of increasing yields today to provide for tomorrow, Eco-Drip utilizes innovative irrigation and fertigation techniques to assist farmers in reaching their goals while farming sustainably. By utilizing the 4R concept, we are able to help our growers implement the best management practices to optimize the efficiency of fertilizer use. Our values are in line with the goals of the 4Rs. By changing farming practices, we help our growers increase their environmental and economic sustainability.

By using the right source at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place, we are able to successfully help growers increase their yields while decreasing inputs, while improving the overall health of the soil. We want our growers to continue farming next year, which we achieve by using the 4R concept.

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