Essential Green LLC

Our logo says we are Carbon Based Plant Nutrition. We classify our product line as Enhanced efficiency plant nutrition. Our main uniqueness is our ability to produce products containing all of the essential nutrients in single products. CalPhusion is a proprietary process to combine ionic Calcium with Phosphorous. Our use of Patented Organic Acids allows for protection of nutrients thus making them more available for longer periods of times. Our efficiencies cover all the nutrients especially Phosphorous. We feel that our products regularly outperform traditional granular inputs. Our product are not only unique in their efficiencies and full spectrum components but also in the manufacturing process of using high shear to micro encapsulate into true emulsions thus adding additional nutrient protection to environmental conditions. Our Efficiency Plant Nutritionals with our proprietary organic acids are designed to work in the soil for root uptake only thus being a more natural nutritional the way plants are designed to uptake nutrition.

The 4Rs represent a philosophy that our organization has been practicing for over 10 years. EEF represents a recognizable trademark that should be interpreted as being responsible users of plant nutritionals.

Our product line is entirely made up of efficiency products. We follow the “less is more philosophy” in our business.  We also offer educational sessions discussing how to improve efficiencies of current products and applications and show how proper product utilization can offer agronomic, economic, and environmental advantages.

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