Far West Agribusiness Association

The Far West Agribusiness Association is a 53 year old trade organization composed of fertilizer and other agricultural chemical companies. Its membership is restricted to businesses located in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Washington, with association headquarters in Spokane, Wash.

Far West Agribusiness Association engages in state policy and regulatory activities related to the agribusiness industry. The organization publishes online resources about chemical safety as well as updates to government regulations regarding their use. The association sponsors a scholarship and internship program for individuals looking to pursue undergraduate or graduate education in a field related to agribusiness. The organization hosts conferences and networking events throughout the year that fulfill continuing educational requirements and provides cutting edge information relevant to the industry’s needs.

In addition, the Far West Agribusiness Association administers the Certified Crop Adviser Program for the Northwest Region which includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada.

The 4R nutrient stewardship message is an important tool in educating legislators and regulatory agencies as well as members of the public about the long term practices that successful and responsible industry suppliers use when advising their producer customers.  The 4R’s transcend any one mechanical application
method, any one product, any one quantity and any one  timeliness of fertilizer application, rather a combination of all in a holistic approach.  This approach provides for the greatest return on investment while protecting the resources that provide production year after year.

The Far West Agribusiness Association provides 4R education and outreach through our conferences, website, publications and exhibits at fairs.

Contact Information
Website:  www.fwaa.org
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 509-465-5055
Address:  1717 S. Rustle Rd, Ste 212 Spokane WA 99224-2065

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