Farmers Coop Society

We are a locally owned members cooperative in north west Iowa, south west Minnesota, and south east South Dakota.  Our main office is located in Sioux Center, IA.  We strive to live by our company’s motto:  “Partnering with Producers for Mutual Success”.  Our company is comprised of different areas:  Agronomy, Feed, Grain, and a How to Building Store.  We provide producers with a place to buy and sell grain, feed that grain with livestock, manage their waste from the livestock, and use that to help them grow a better crop.

We help farmers achieve their goals and increase profitability because, to us, every individual operation and every acre presents a unique situation. To reach our customers’ expectations, we continually raise the bar.

Farmers Coop Society is a rapidly growing full-service agronomy company in Northwest Iowa. Our mission is to help farmers achieve their goals and increase profitability. By using a customer-focused approach, we treat every individual operation and every acre as the unique situation it is, and stay flexible to your changing needs. We are constantly striving to raise the bar of expectations our members set for us and keep an eye on the future while focusing on the present. Our agronomy team is the leader in our trade territory in Information Management, Site Specific Ag Services, Seed Sales and Service, Custom Application, along with full-service Chemical Services the right decision with the grower, and that may involve grid sampling, split applying, using the right rate of manure, using the right product per each field and situation, using stabilizer on our nitrogen products.  Farmers Coop Society is at the forefront of our territory with providing the expert advice and also the right source, the right rate, the right time, and the right place.

We offer a full line of products that meet our producers needs.  For nitrogen, we have NH3, urea, 28 and 32%, ESN.  We also have our application machines-dry, liquid, and Nh3 set up with Variable rate capablilities to apply these nutrients accordingly.  We have 2 high clearance Hagies with Y-drops.  One of the Hagies also has the AgLeader Optrx sensor on as well, giving the farmer the option to set parameters and variable rate on the go in the field.  We have the option to use 2 Rogator spinners for dry nitrogen as well for sidedressing.  Farmers Coop Society has a full line of nitrogen stabilizing products.

We have a robust Site Specific Ag department, in which we offer grid sampling, data management and processing, and other tools-including Climate.  Farmers Coop Society implements a data management program called Elite Crop to it’s members that want to dig deeper with their data.  This data provides resources for variable rate planting, using actual yield removal and soil sample data for fertilizer recommendations, and also benchmarking our nitrogen efficiency as well.  Last year we also introduced a stalk nitrate “report card” test that has 3 levels of intricacy.  This tool lets Farmers Coop Society have a deeper conversation with our producers on how to manage their nitrogen, fertilizer, and manure sources.

Farmers Coop Society also has a manure management specialist on staff to work with our local producers on their manure management plans.

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