Farmers Edge Precision Consulting Inc.

With a history that is rooted in rural Manitoba, Farmers Edge ( began as a vision to use technology to help growers become more efficient. What started as a small idea in 2005 has grown into Farmers Edge today. We have over 100 employees and offer nutrient management and agronomic services to producers on over four million acres in Western Canada, United States, South America, Russia and Australia. Our mission is to make crop production more profitable and sustainable for customers by assisting in the adoption of innovative agricultural practices.

At Farmers Edge we have experienced CCA accredited Precision Agronomists, Technology Specialists, Lab Technicians, Soil Scientists and GIS Experts with a drive and focus to deliver results for our growers. We are an independent agronomic resource and through the combination of remote sensing and cutting edge agronomic expertise we increase efficiencies and economic benefits for our grower.

Farmers Edge believes that 4R nutrient stewardship is a fundamental component of sustainable agriculture in continuing to expand our sustainability program and services to grow partnerships with global food giants such as General Mills and Wal-Mart. The 4R’s will provide mechanisms for farmers to produce sustainable food and to create opportunities to increase profits through sustainable practices, which is a fundamental goal of Farmers Edge. Farmers Edge is working closely with Canadian Pulse Growers to develop and build a sustainability calculator for Canada and is contributing to calculator development in the USA.

At Farmers Edge, we believe that 4R principles can be used to optimize Variable Rate Technology (VRT) recommendations and create better spatial nutrient efficiency. Part of our commitment to the 4R’s is to have all Farmers Edge Precision Agronomists complete 4R certification training through the Canadian Fertilizer Institute. We are also conducting 4R training internally and with our international agronomic and farm clients.

Farmers Edge has a strong research and development staffing and is committed to the implementation of the 4R’s. Our proprietary software technology platform, Precision Edge, provides high capabilities for temporal and spatial data storage and management as well as monitoring, accounting and verification of sustainability indicators. The system was built explicitly following 4R principles and meets the criteria set out in the 4R inside checklist for fertilizer recommendations.

Farmers Edge created an Advanced Soil Fertility Recommendation Engine that considers regional climate, soil test, and crop response data in developing fertilizer recommendations. This Recommendation Engine was built using scientific evidence from Western Canadian research.

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