Federated Co-Operatives Ltd.

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) is a multi-faceted organization that is based on the principles of co-operation. It is owned by 212 retail co-ops located throughout Western Canada. These co-ops are the “member-owners” of FCL. FCL provides central wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and administrative services to its member-owners.

FCL offers a wide variety of products and services to its member-owners. There are ten business units:

  • Ag and Consumer Business
  • Strategy
  • Energy
  • Human Resources
  • Innovation
  • Operational Support
  • Refinery Systems & Strategy
  • Refinery Operations
  • Retail Operations
  • Finance

The Agriculture business unit within FCL includes crop protection, seed, ag equipment and fertilizer divisions. FCL has over 200 agricultural locations across Western Canada with 142 Co-op AG Team agronomists.  Our AG Team agronomists have training and field experience to help guide growers on difficult decisions relating to the complexities of new crop traits, the importance of weed resistance management, and newly emerging crop technology.

Agriculture is under the microscope today more than ever before. Through proper management, we can show our customers — the consumers of the goods we produce — that we care about the environment. By assessing our fertilizer practices with the 4Rs, we can help ensure the success of our farms and industry into the future. As a multi-faceted organization it is our desire to ensure the success of agriculture by ensuring the practices used are sustainable, profitable, and environmentally sound.

Federated Co-operatives Ltd. is a wholesale provider of crop nutrition macronutrient products including urea, anhydrous ammonia, potash, monoammonium phosphate, and ammonium sulphate. Our Co-op AG Team agronomists receive crop nutrition training including 4R principles.

With this training, agronomists based in Co-op Agro Centres with crop nutrition products provide accurate, relevant, and timely crop nutrition recommendations and guidance to their grower customers. Their recommendations also consider the 4R principles.



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