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Florikan specializes in polymer coated fertilizer technologies such as Florikote® and Nutricote®. These controlled release fertilizers reduce the need for multiple fertilizer applications while improving crop performance. Their Staged Nutrient Release® blending technology times the release of plant nutrients to a crop’s uptake pattern, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency of the fertilizer.

With 40 employees, Florikan is headquartered in Sarasota, FL and has been in operation since 1981. It remains a wholly owned and independent family business that continues to manufacture and distribute controlled release fertilizers under the Nutricote® brand name and Florikote® under a licensing arrangement with The J.R. Simplot Company. Florikan serves its core agricultural and horticultural markets in the eastern U.S. and all markets in Florida.

Florikan was founded around the principles of sustaining our natural resources. For 25 years, Florikan has developed production methods for the agriculture, horticulture, landscape, turf, and homeowner markets. The initials E.S.A.in our name stand for Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. Florikan developed products to meet that standard since 1981 and manufacture controlled release fertilizers that minimize the impact of nutrient leaching on the environment.

As a fertilizer manufacturer, Florikan takes environmental stewardship seriously. Florikan advocates that if the ecological systems of our watersheds are endangered, from inappropriate nutrient runoff, it is their responsibility to improve the management of nutrient usage.

Florikan fertilizer received a 2005 Gulf Guardian Award from a program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency Gulf of Mexico Partnership.

Nutrient run-off comes from many different sources: sewage discharge, septic tanks, atmospheric deposition and the improper use of nutrients. There is no single cause to blame for nutrient pollution. It is the total load of nutrient run-off which is the problem and it is the total load which must be reduced.

Nutrients are essential elements for plant growth and are needed to grow crops and keep landscapes green. However, if not applied sensibly, nutrients can be a contributing factor to the total load.

Florikan promotes awareness of how a fertilizer will release in a given climate, soil type and time of year so that an appropriate blend of technologies can mitigate nutrient  run-off while improving agronomic benefits. Today, it is possible to achieve both of these goals cost effectively through a more efficient means of

Florikan promotes its Staged Nutrient Release blends that deliver nutrients to a crop when they are needed by the plant.  The coating technologies used in these blends include Florikote and Nutricote.  The SNR blends are custom formulated depending on where the grower is located, their soil type, the time of year, and the demands of the crop they are growing.  Florikan uses a special software programs that it designed to formulate these blends.

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