Gavilon Fertilizer LLC

The fertilizer division of Gavilon operates one of the most efficient distribution networks in the world.  Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC, based in Savannah, GA, distributes more than 6 million metric tons of fertilizers annually through more than 85 storage and handling facilities in the USA, Mexico, Peru and South African markets.  The group’s nitrogen, phosphate and potash portfolio is the base for origination occurring from 26 countries world-wide.  The micro-nutrient division of Gavilon, MicroSource, manufacturers and markets high quality micro-nutrients and NBPT nitrogen stabilizers, such as Arborite®AG and NCrease™.

Gavilon has over a 140 year history in U.S. agriculture since the year F.H. Peavey & Company was formed.  Today, the group originates grain from over 10,000 growers and markets fertilizers to over 3,000 dealers in the USA alone.  Nutrient stewardship is a true case-in-point when it comes to offering new technologies such as our climate smart fertilizer additive, Arborite®AG  and our enhanced efficiency fertilizer product line,  NCrease™ , which contributes to better environmental outcomes by helping the producer to reduce volatilization in the field. 

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