H.J. Baker

H.J. Baker began its history in fertilizer in
1857 by using pomace, a by-product of Castor Oil, to create our first product.
From there, the company branched out into sulphur fertilizers and in the 1960’s
the company expanded into protein blends, starting with our fishmeal
alternative and protein concentrate, Pro-Pak. Today, H.J. Baker has 10 separate
protein blends and 13 different sulphur based fertilizers, all of which are
sold around the globe. And Tiger-Sul is a global leader in sulphur bentonite,
micronutrient enhanced sulphur and other crop performance products.  

Starting in the early 2000’s H.J. Baker began
to expand rapidly, beginning with the purchase of the sulphur fertilizer
company Tiger-Sul in Canada and the equine feed company AllNova in Brazil and
most recently by opening a fertilizer plant in China.

We pride ourselves on taking ingredients that
others may over look to create products that are needed by our customers across
all our divisions, and innovation and sustainability have been at the core of
our business practice since the beginning.

We feel sulphur is more than the 4th major crop
Nutrient. Sulfur has become increasingly more important as a limiting nutrient
in crop production in recent years due to higher crop yields that require more
sulphur, use of less S in modern fertilizers, reduced industrial sulphur
emissions to the atmosphere, and a greater awareness of S needs.  

As a leading industry sulphur fertilizer producer
we feel that it is our responsibility help the grower understands the
importance of 4R nutrient stewardship. It is important to promote scientifically
proven 4R principles in order to achieve sustainable results by educating
growers to follow a balanced crop nutrient management plan.

The right product, applied at the right time at the
right rate, and the right place is vital to having those nutrients available to
the plant and used in the most efficient way possible. Application of 4Rs principles
is not only a good economic practice but it also has additional social and
environmental benefits.

We at H.J Baker have served the agriculture
industry for over 165 years and we feel that to meet the growing demand of
world food needs, principles of 4Rs can play a vital role in helping us grow
more from less.

Our leading Sulphur bentonite products TIGER XP,
TIGER 90CR, Tiger Combo and Tiger 50 are optimized to outperform. They offer
higher sulphate release rates as compared to traditional sulphur bentonite
products. They improve soil sulphur levels and enhance sulphur oxidation
process by consistently deliver higher level of sulphate availability
throughout the growing season.

Our products also increase Nitrogen efficiency and
reduce nitrogen leaching. They increase plant nutrient availability and
complement nutrient uptake efficiency. These products are high analysis
products reducing volume of fertilizer that needs to be handled, cutting down on
labor and transportation cost making it s afe to use and easy to handle. Tiger
sulphur products are also hugely used by organic growers.

Tiger’s sulphur based micronutrient line ensures
that the micronutrients are available throughout the growing season, improving
micronutrient uptake while minimizing nutrient loss or tie-up in the soil. All
formulations are designed for maximum performance and environmental stewardship.

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