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Horizon Ag-Products is a science and research-driven producer of innovative plant health solutions. We specialize in naturally-derived plant health products for the global agricultural market. Horizon Ag-Products is not a fertilizer company. We make fertilizer products perform better. Our technologies and finished products are used by fertilizer manufacturers and dealers to provide improved fertilizer performance by increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. Horizon Ag-Products has developed proprietary chemistries for the broad spectrum of fertilizer delivery methods including soil-applied, dry fertilizer impregnation, and foliar applications.

At Horizon Ag-Products, we share in the global responsibility of protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations with products that are mindful of the world’s diminishing
resources. Our research, products, and partnerships with agricultural producers and suppliers are tantamount to accomplishing our mission–making sustainable farming and environmental stewardship standard practices throughout the world.

As an emerging leader in innovative plant health solutions, Horizon Ag-Products has played an integral part of the sustainability movement over the past thirty years and will play an even greater role in the future. Providing solutions for enhanced nutrient use efficiency (NUE) opportunities helps growers enjoy healthier crops and higher yields. In addition, our technologies help the environment by reducing
environmental impact and concerns over phosphate and nitrate leaching and water management utilization 

In the U.S.A., Horizon Ag’s products are available to retailers and growers through our trusted partner dealer network. The proprietary and unique formulations manufactured for our partners have been formulated to manage the agronomic nutrition objectives of today’s farm manager. Thirty years of proven efficacy and field trial results demonstrate how these products improve crop productivity.  We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Hydra-Hume & NutrAsyst family of products for Helena Chemical
Company.  Hydra-Hume is available in both dry and liquid formulations which can be blended with both dry and liquid fertilizer products.
NutrAsyst is a liquid formulation that is blended with liquid phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers.  Horizon Ag-Products is also the exclusive manufacturer for Simplot – Plant Heath Technologies’ BA Humus and Golden Bio family of products.  BA Humus is available in both dry and liquid formulations that are blended with dry and liquid fertilizers.  Golden Bio is a liquid formulation that is used with liquid phosphate fertilizers.

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