Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance

The Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance (IANA) is dedicated to keeping Indiana at the forefront of proactive nutrient management and soil health practices that improve farm viability and, ultimately, reduce nutrient loss to water. A new organization seeking 501c(3) status, IANA is collaboration of partners from farm and commodity groups, government agencies, and conservation organizations.

Current IANA partners include: Agribusiness Council of Indiana, Indiana Farm Bureau, National Resources Conservation Services of Indiana, Indiana Soybean Alliance, American Dairy Association of Indiana, Indiana Association of SWCDs, Indiana Beef Cattle Association, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Dairy Producers, Indiana Pork, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana State Poultry Association, Purdue University, The Nature Conservancy of Indiana.

To further the adoption and implementation of practices that optimize nutrient use efficiency and enhance soil health, IANA will focus on four main areas:

SHARED GOALS: Establish goals for statewide practice adoption that encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.

SHARED OPPORTUNITIES: Communicate IANA partnership organizations’ efforts to strengthen synergies and maximize awareness, support and implementation of strategic objectives.

SHARED INFORMATION: Develop best management practice (BMP) educational materials for our farmers and stakeholders to encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.

SHARED OUTCOMES: Assist partners with pursuing collaborative nutrient-focused research, identifying synergies and compiling outcomes.

4R Nutrient Stewardship is foundational to IANA achieving its mission of healthy soils, clean water and viable farms. A consistent message when working with diverse and complex cropping systems will be crucial to reaching our goals. The 4R framework can create a uniform context for agronomists and farmers to evaluate and utilize best management practices for nutrient use on Indiana farms.

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