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John Deere is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land – those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world’s dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

John Deere supports the 4R approach to nutrient stewardship through innovative machines and technology that apply nutrients in agricultural production systems.  Products like the 2510H Nutrient Applicator and the 4930 Sprayer make in-season application of suitable nitrogen sources more feasible. In-season applications reduce environmental exposure and enable the decision maker to more accurately predict the nitrogen need of the crop. The 2510H Applicator also injects nitrogen into the root zone with minimal soil disturbance to improve nutrient availability and soil quality while reducing volatilization and surface runoff of nutrients.  Coupling machines like these with GreenStar™ Rate Controller, SprayStar™, SpreadStar™ and AutoTrac™ RTK make applying the right Source, at the right Rate, in the right Place, at the right Time easy and accurate.

The 4R approach is an effective way to consider the value of new technology in nutrient management. John Deere recently released a publication entitled “Commercial Application Business Practices” that describes ways in which custom applicators can implement 4R principles to improve crop yields while building a better business. Future efforts will help establish a stronger link between 4R consistent practices and their contribution to improved productivity, profitability and sustainability.


  • 2510H Nutrient Applicator – applies Anhydrous Ammonia or UAN with reduced draft and soil disturbance addressing two important deterrents to sidedress applications: the narrow application window and crop damage.  Sidedressing Anhydrous Ammonia is often used as the standard by which nitrogen programs are compared in terms of yield and nitrogen use efficiency.
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