Midwestern BioAg

Midwestern BioAg (MBA) manufactures and distributes high-quality specialty fertilizers as part of a comprehensive fertility system. This system is designed to promote soil health, improve nutrient use efficiency, and enhance overall crop performance. MBA’s focus on soil health engages practices and products that stimulate soil biology. A pioneer in soil-safe, innovative products, MBA has been an industry leader in promoting carbon based fertilizers, calcium, and micro-nutrients. Founded in 1983 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, MBA has retail and manufacturing facilities throughout the upper Midwest.

Midwestern BioAg’s philosophy on soil health fits right in-line with 4R. The system approach to soil health that MBA promotes includes the right products (sulfate of potash for example, not potassium chloride), used at the right time and rates, and most importantly from the right source. MBA positions balanced fertilizer blends including micro-nutrients, calcium, sulfur, and carbon. We feel that MBA needs to be part of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship to expand our message and reach to more growers looking for solutions to their fertility needs.

Contact Information
Website:  http://www.midwesternbioag.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 608-841-1659
Address:  918 Deming Way, Suite 101 Madison Wisconsin 53717

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