Minnesota AgriGrowth Council

The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council (AgriGrowth) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan member organization representing the agriculture and food systems industry.  Formed in 1968, AgriGrowth’s strategic approach to public policy advocacy, issues management and collaboration seeks to foster long-term sustainability, competitiveness, and business growth.

AgriGrowth also strives to serve as a convener and trusted information source, bringing together its members to address critical challenges and provide solution-oriented outcomes.  AgriGrowth’s industry-wide perspective is essential in a state where the agriculture and food sector is the second largest economic driver.

Demonstrating and promoting responsible and sustainable nutrient management is increasingly important for farmers and their input suppliers.  AgriGrowth believes in voluntary, industry led efforts that help quantify agriculture’s commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement.  AgriGrowth will be pleased to help promote the 4R nutrient stewardship initiative within Minnesota as a tool to help enhance agriculture productivity.

AgriGrowth has recently launched a working lands conservation pilot program in Minnesota, intended to engage farmers and landowners on a watershed level while involving the crop input and food supply chain in solution oriented approaches to nutrient management and conservation.  As part of this pilot program, AgriGrowth will work to raise awareness and adoption of growers and input suppliers related to the 4R initiative.

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