Montana Agricultural Business Association

The Montana Agricultural Business Association (MABA) represents the agricultural crop protection and fertilizer industry. Members include retailers, distributors, manufacturers, fertilizer suppliers and seed companies. We support sound science-based policies and encourage environmental stewardship with a goal of sustainable agriculture.

MABA recognizes the critical role that efficient application of fertilizer nutrients plays in the ability of Montana’s growers to help feed a growing world by helping growers optimize their productivity and associated economic benefits while protecting the environment.  The 4R nutrient stewardship program is an opportunity for MABA and its members to continue to become better stewards through the proper use and application of fertilizer nutrients.

MABA is actively involved in policy development on a local and state level.  The 4R program assists MABA in showing the regulatory community that MABA members are actively engaged in proper stewardship and management activities.  4R information and educational materials are invaluable to MABA in educating growers, public members, regulators, and legislators.  Through education and information policy makers can make informed decisions rather than basing decisions off of rhetoric and less than accurate claims.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 406-227-3523
Address:  PO Box 7325 Helena MT 59604

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