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MZB Technologies LLC is a precision agronomy company that partners with crop consultants and ag retailers.  We provide agronomy training, sales consulting, and GIS mapping services that support their site-specific zone management program, the MZB system. MZB Technologies has many years of experience in delivering agronomy products to growers in cooperation with crop consultants and ag retailers.  This knowledge is critical in helping crop consultants and ag retailers implement and manage their growers farm inputs, producing productive and profitable operations.  MZB Technologies holds multiple U.S. and Canadian Patents on the use of soil conductivity, yield potential maps (satellite imagery and/or yield maps) and elevation in the creation of management zones for the purpose of managing agricultural inputs

The MZB Network is about connecting growers with their local consultants and service providers. Agronomists, seed consultants, custom applicators, soil testers and growers are all connected to the MZB Mapping Center via a secure web connection. This makes it more efficient for growers to work with their trusted team of advisors and for those advisors to provide field prescriptions, variable planting maps and critical insights.

  • Connect growers, agronomists, crop consultants, dispatchers, soil testers, applicators and everyone else involved in the farming operation.
  • Provide current and accurate farm and field information to everyone involved.
  • Keep the people involved moving and communicating, saving you time and money.
  • Have your own ag retailer and Mapping Center with you at all times.

MZB offers a Management Zone Based Precision Farming Solution. The MZB Precision Farming System is a state of the art, multi-layer zone management system for the site-specific application of agricultural inputs.  Electrical Conductivity of the soil, RTK Elevation, and Yield Potential are used to create up to 12 management zones.  Fertilizer and seed can be variably applied according to best management practices in each of the different productivity zones, maximizing the economics for each acre.  Multiple layers of data provide more consistent performance than single layer zone management programs.  They identify more of the variability in residual nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and zinc allowing corrections to be made for greater long term profitability.

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