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This partner can help with the Right Place, Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time,

Nutra-Flo Company began producing liquid fertilizer in 1954, and is now the largest independent liquid fertilizer manufacturer in the Midwest, with plant locations in Sioux City, Iowa and Gibbon, Nebraska.

Nutra-Flo manufactures three liquid fertilizer product lines – PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer, MicroSolutions Liquid Micronutrients, and Nulex Liquid Zinc. PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer is a line of low-salt, chloride-free liquid fertilizer grades that are high in orthophosphates and can be safely used in close proximity to the seeds, roots and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency.  MicroSolutions are high-quality liquid micronutrients that can be combined with the PureGrade liquid fertilizer line or packaged alone. And, Nulex Liquid Zinc is an agricultural liquid zinc technology using liquid zinc and other micronutrients, including complex, chelate and EDTA chelate sources.

4R nutrient stewardship guides the day-to-day and long-term decisions we make for our company as well as the growers we serve.  We are dedicated to providing safe products that when used properly will drive soil sustainability, reduce environmental impact, and provide the nutrients needed to drive productivity.
Nutra-Flo’s liquid fertilizer products fit well into the 4R recommendations.

  • Nutra-Flo fertilizers address the RIGHT SOURCE for banding in or near the seed furrow for seed safety and fast availability of nutrients for starter application or for foliar applications.
  • Nutra-Flo products are applied at the RIGHT RATE for adequate crop uptake.  Labels contain a recommended rate of application for each product.  And, our dealers and agronomists are educated to make different recommendations based on different soil types, individual field yield targets, and needs of growers.
  • As a manufacturer, we promote applying nutrients at the RIGHT TIME in order to match crop nutrient demand and logistics of field operations.
  • Nutra-Flo fertilizers are applied in the root zone, the RIGHT PLACE for the earliest possible uptake, or on the leaves with a foliar application.  Our dealers and agronomists work with growers to better understand their tillage practices and soil differences to develop the best fertility program for their operation.

In addition, our agronomist staff is availalbe to help individual growers take soil and tissue samples, analyze the results, and aid in the development of the appropriate fertility programs.

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