Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

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The OFSWCD represents Ohio’s 88 county Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  Our conservation network of 440 Board Supervisors and over 450 employees provide assistance to urban and agricultural land users, specializing in soil erosion prevention and water management.  SWCDs work with farmers through  voluntary cooperative agreements and provide services that include survey and design of:  grassed waterways, erosion control structures, surface and subsurface drainage, farm ponds, windbreaks, livestock waste management facilities, education, and much more.  SWCDs also sponsor a number of information and education programs, including cover crop workshops, no-till field days, pond clinics, forestry and wildlife field days, teacher conservation workshops, and much more. SWCDs work collaboratively with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and many other partners to deliver technical assistance, financial and other valuable conservation programs (most notably Farm Bill programs).

4R Nutrient Stewardship is extremely important to Ohio’s conservation professionals because it promotes the conservation practices designed to keep our soils productive and our waters clean. Our organization takes pride in working with landowners, developers, educators and others to promote doing the right things on the land whether it is rural, urban or suburban – so that future generations can benefit from productive soils, clean water and a strong quality of life.   

Ohio’s SWCDs promote the 4Rs through the use of cover crops, buffer strips, surface and subsurface drainage, manure nutrient management plans, heavy use pads, spring development and many more conservation programs and practices offered through technical assistance provided to the landowner.  We are also promoting our 4R Tomorrow program that encourages individuals through farmer workshops and other special events to use the 4Rs and seek to do RIGHT today, for OUR tomorrow! 

Contact Information
Website:  www.ofswcd.org
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Phone: 614-784-1900
Address:  Box 24518 Columbus OH 43224

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